Moving in?


Connect your utilities with On The Move so you can spend your time doing more important things. Calling energy retailers or phone companies could take you hours, but you can do it all with On The Move.

What makes On The Move different?


It doesn’t cost a cent for you to arrange your utilities with On The Move – only pay connection fees you would normally pay to the supplier.

Quick & Easy

Avoid spending hours on the phone in endless call queues with suppliers when we can do it all in a single call.


Click here and get connected now!

Moving House Checklist.


Our Moving House Checklist is a great way to keep you organised before moving home.

When you’re ready to organise your utility connections, you can do it all with On The Move. It’s all about making moving house easier. You can also download a printable version of the moving house checklist.


4 weeks before moving house


3 weeks before moving house


2 weeks before moving house


1 week before moving house


Moving day

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