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Moving in?

Connect your utilities with On The Move so you can spend your time doing more important things. Calling energy retailers or phone companies could take you hours, but you can do it all with On The Move.

What makes On The Move different?

It doesn’t cost a cent for you to arrange your utilities with On The Move … Read the full post »

Maximise your returns

At ke3 Property, success is not just about a transaction, it’s about building relationships.
We maximise returns for all our clients through strategic planning and by utilising the latest technology in advertising.
We couple our expertise in real estate services with our experience in corporate wealth management and we communicate to you with honesty, integrity and transparency every step of the way.
Our focus is … Read the full post »


Employed a different strategy
After being unsuccessful in selling our property with another agent, we engaged Nicole and Monique from ke3 Property who employed a very different strategy and ultimately sold the apartment for an additional $60,000. They restyled the house using their own stock … Read the full post »